Heartland Championship Information

The 2017 Mitre 10 Heartland Championship is the second tier of rugby in New Zealand's domestic competitions. 

The competition boasts twelve unions, all of who are contributors to the catchment areas of the New Zealand Super Rugby Clubs.

All Heartland teams play a modified round robin of eight games each, 4 home and 4 away. 

At the completion of Round Robin, the top four will advance to the Meads Cup semifinals, while fifth to eighth will advance to the Lochore Cup semifinals. 

In both of these knockout stages the top seeds (first and fifth) will play at home against the lowest seeds (fourth and eighth), the second highest seeds (second and sixth) will play at home against the third highest seeds (third and seventh) and the final will have the higher seed play at home against the lower seed.

This season the same twelve teams will participate being: Buller, East Coast, Horowhenua Kapiti, King Country, Mid Canterbury, North Otago, Poverty Bay, South Canterbury, Thames Valley, Wairarapa Bush, Wanganui, and West Coast.

Roll of honour

Meads Cup

2006 Wairarapa Bush
2007 North Otago
2008 Wanganui
2009 Wanganui
2010 North Otago
2011 Wanganui
2012 East Coast
2013 Mid Canterbury
2014 Mid Canterbury
2015 Wanganui
2016 Wanganui

Lochore Cup

2006 Poverty Bay
2007 Poverty Bay
2008 Poverty Bay
2009 North Otago
2010 Wairarapa Bush
2011 Poverty Bay
2012 Buller
2013 South Canterbury
2014 Wanganui
2015 King Country
2016 North Otago 
The eight-week competition will be followed by semifinals on 21 October, with the Meads Cup and Lochore Cup champions decided on 28 and 29 October respectively.